Economics and Tokenomics

Economics part 1

Every user contributes a percentage as a fee, which will be distributed to token holders, the team and the developers.
  • Sell/buy NFT`s has a fixed fee of 0.1%
  • Rent/borrow (NFTs) has a fixed fee of 0.1% for both sides.
  • When using NFT as collateral: 5% API + 0.1% of total.
  • Lenders get at least 5% + lenders funds are used to yield farm while frozen.
  • Lease has a fixed fee of 0.1% on the total amount.
  • The creation of the Xwallets
  • The xWallets have 0.1% each for every transaction (claim).
  • Creating Bonus NFT with a few clicks has a fixed fee 0.1% on every sale.
Distribution of fees:
  • 93% of profits will be shared to token holders.
  • 5% will be sent to the development vault.
  • 2% for team.
Token details - The Gamification of funding - A social experiment.
First collaborative NFT puzzle:
Introduction to the story of the game...
The big bang just happened.
The Cosmos is full of atoms, to evolve into particles to evolve into animals to evolve into...
The story of Evolution starts....
------ Game details >>
Participants are set to collect Toshis (1000) and form Tushis, like a puzzle.
Combining Toshis, into Tushis, they evolve (leaving behind a ghost copy*). Combining 1000 Toshis unlocks one NFT and its rewards.
We have 27 NFTs in total, 26 of them composed of 1000 Toshis.
Each NFT unlocks a pool where fees are collected. 26 pools in total.
1 secret pool to discover, the first glue is to unlock all 26 NFTs.
Once unlocked, all the fees accumulated, and still to be accumulated, are sent to all the participants forming the mask NFT.
(The Ghost copy the user gets from evolving Toshis makes them valid)
Our token sale will be based on 26 NFT sales, representing 93% of the fees the platform generates.
-For every NFT we will offer 1000.00 Staketoshis = 1 NFT X% fees.
Users are required to combine Toshis to form syndicates or groups/units.
When more than 2 Toshis are combined in 1 unit - They get the name Tushis. Forming a Triangle.
When 1000 Tushis combine together they form a NFT - a mask NFT.
Unlocking rewards for all the participants.
And when 26 Masks combine they form “another reality”.... TBA
Toshis = 1 out of 1000.
Tushis = +1 unit / -999 Tushis
Mask = +1000 Tushis = NFT
Every time a Tushi is formed, the users then add a text line or select from a list. They then input one or more of their own personal vision of how the world could look for the next step in evolution.
When the NFT is formed, an AI will track all users who combined tushis and reward them all with a big prize, now and more every month. At the same time this AI will analyze and study all inputs and come up with some examples of possible combinations of all perspectives, and how the world would look like if this would be a reality.
Once more than 1 NFT is created, users will be able to combine NFT with NFT for join forces and add the bonuses together to unlock a better bonus.
Once 26 NFT are formed, and so 26 different realities are created. And once they combine into 1 last NFT. The secret NFT will be created... The secret rewards will be distributed between all participants.
At the same time, the AI will combine all 26 realities to come up with a combination of the different results.
A social experiment.
How to participate in the experiment and earn passive by doing so:
These metrics may vary per NFT, this being an experiment to protect users from scammers and whales and to incentivize people who spread the word or buy a token to donate to a community and to participate.
You can reserve Toshis for all 26 sales right now and get the same level price for all of them.
In the future some Toshi sales may be more valuable due to undiscovered rewards that yet remain undisclosed.
The maximum per person to be distribute is 9.5% of the Toshis available per sale.
You can reserve any amount spread into the 26 sales today.
All users of the platform will enter a future airdrop of our next project. TBA.
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