Services overview
The development is under way of a protocol to provide supercharged usability and flexibility for NFTs contributing to the exponential growth of real world users.
Our platform will have the following features:
  1. 1.
    Trade p2p, Rent, Lease NFTs
  2. 2.
    Use NFTs as collateral
  3. 3.
    xWallets - Bonus Wallet - Combo Wallet - Crowd Wallet.
  4. 4.
    Cross Game Guild tools & Market for Players.
  5. 5.
    Create Bonus NFTs with just a few clicks - Physical.

1- Trade, Rent or Lease your NFTs

NFTs are exchangeable for Other NFTs just as in real life one can trade cards between collectors.
Doing it online obviates any risks of being scammed.
Start earning constant passive income or borrow an NFT and make use of the benefits of holding it, for a limited time. One of the main benefits is to be completely removed from the short term volatility of the crypto markets.
Games yet to emerge will be based on blockchain technology and will be dependent on NFTs for value management.
From card games to race games, all will have a set of unique components, enabling one to buy/sell/rent or lease NFTs on the platform or one may integrate the protocol into your Dapp or Game which allows for the delegation/lending/and combining of NFTs.
The platform going foward into maturity, colateral may be substituted by reputation, past performance, or the requirements at that particular moment limiting the use cases, for example in gaming.
This is a feature of smart NFTs

2- Using NFT as a Collateral

In a decentralized Borrow/Lending P2P smart contract, lenders will earn interest + liquidation profits and borrowers have an access point to liquidity.
The prices may change, and so the liquidation risk will adapt.
Users will be able to borrow between 50 to 70% of the value of the NFT. (Oracles for price feed) If the price drops below the risk factor, an anti liquidation process will come into effect. If the user fails to pay back the debt in time, the NFT gets liquidated, and is paid out to cover the lenders.

3- The x-Wallets

1- Create a Bonus Wallet. which encourages syndicates to form in order to upgrade their outcome and get prizes.

Deposit your bonus NFT and your funds, share the address, and in that way share the bonus with your friends or the entire world!
The Wallet will redirect all deposit funds to the appropriate Liquidity Pool, giving a Claim Token (LP) to participants. With the LP Token they can claim the staked funds back + the earned profits (increased with the bonus of the NFT). The Bonus Wallet creator may or may not earn a commission on it.

2- Combo Wallet

This is yet another layer on top of the bonus wallet. When more than 1 wallet provides a bonus - an addition of 2 bonus - NFT. It could be that the bonus only unlocks by combining more than 1 NFT. So, 2 or more wallets join forces and their NFTs in order to create a bonus wallet. (With a multi signature option)

3- Crowd Wallet

This is another layer on top of the Combo Wallet, and it is designed to:
  • Create a multi sig wallet (or not)
  • Define buy target(s) - For example a set of NFTs to unlock a bonus.
  • Then the wallet waits till funds arrive. When enough funds arrive, the target gets funded.
  • Every participant gets a proportional share of the Crowd Wallet, based on their investment.
  • This share is an NFT, a symbol of ownership of this wallet and can be traded.
  • Then the Crowd Wallet creates a Bonus Wallet and it is primed to earn.
  • In the rapidly emerging world of VRs, our aim and purpose is to establish our Model as the Standard of in-game Crowdfunding and Yield Earning.
An accredited or whitelisted investor, can create a Crowd Wallet to gather a large volume of funds to invest in an Initial Coin Offering or similar, and once accumulated then harvest the bonus of being high volume.
To find examples we should look no further than Kickstarter where the larger the transaction is, the better the rewards are.
Think of a Crowd Waiiet with NFTS as a original form of Tokenized Crowdfunding .
Besides cooperating to buy an NFT set, any user can use the Crowd Wallet to Crowdfund, in a Decentralized and friction-free way, anything you can imagine. The sky is the limit.
For example, one can create a Crowd Wallet with the purpose and target of developing a Gamer Team for crypto games. Then the team gets tokenized, and the profits go to the token holders (%).
At the same time, they can create a series of NFT or sets of NFTs, generating additional revenue streams and exposure strategies.
The same can be done for establishing businesses.
On creating a Crowd Wallet, the start up gets tokenized and the eventual profits are distributed proportionally among the token holders.
At the same time, they can create a collection of NFTs, establishing additional revenue participation and getting exposure to strategies like discounts or 2for1, etc.

4- Cross Game Guild & Market for Players.

In this new era of 'play-to-earn' games and with the combination of DEFI, Yield Farming and cross game NFT's, the beginning of Play-as-a-business has already started. We soon will see a rise in cross chain GuildS, groups of people and organizations exploiting the huge profit potential of Blockchain Games.
There is a market need for players. the Upwork for Gamers.
We already see cross chain companions in games like 9LiveArena, and soon a proliferation of cross game guilds will burgeon. The era of guilds as a business is upon us, in which gamers play as if it were a full time economic activity!
Guilds accumulate the best in-game Items to trade, rent, lease with even more options to maximize profits.
Games like REVV offer increased Yield Farming rewards to winners of the Elite Championships and there are already some guilds formed to favor best outcomes! (more details in the use cases doc's)
Games like 6dragons offer the option of getting crafting recipes as rewards for hard to accomplish quests, which can be placed in the market for other players to benefit from the recipes, generating an income stream to the recipe's owner.
The World of DEFI is entering games. We are building a platform for cross chain guilds to maximize profits without the need for inter-personal trust or any third party, while adding profitable resources.

Market for players.

Showcase one's gamer skills to get recruited by the guilds with firm contracts. Meanwhile the Guilds themselves are on the lookout to contract skilled players. Could be you.

Find an emergency substitute for the coming tournament!

In the event of a drop out the wider community may search for a substitute. This effort is rewarded.
The Upwork for Gamers.

Ranking list

There is a ranking list showing the best guilds and players, which are highlighted, including the best games based on profit and much more.


Tournaments and championships to compete between guilds in various different games of every description.
- Cross game championships

Automated profit sharing - DAO for guilds.

Tools to automate the income between guild members, based on personalized options, immune from attack and anti fragile.

Tokenize either your guild or yourself as a player.

Looking at guilds as if they were businesses, their is potential in speculating on guilds and the profits they can make in the long term.
We are building the infrastructure, laying the rails, for any player or guild to tokenize themselves.

Crowdfunding for guild creation.

Crowdfund your new guild. Need new equipment? New VR glasses? Finance it with a token sale!

Cross chain guild banks/Vaults

Similar to the options of a multi-sig wallet, we offer the infrastructure for crosschain guild banks/vaults, eliminating the risk of any member running away with all the accumulated goods.
At the same time, those guild banks can be tokenized and as with be programmed to maximize funds and automated sharing of the profits.
Of course the X-wallets are a perfect tool for any guild to combine forces or rent out the bonuses of different NFTs.

5 Create Bonus NFTs

There is a simplified service in the pipe line to facilitate the creation of bonus NFT .
Allowing one to add a Bonus or other privileges to your platform or to let other users rent these privileges.
A new era for merchandising is already in view, connecting items from the real world to the digital world, thus facing the question of what has to be modified to achieve change?
NFTCave designs the tools for NFT merchandising, thus facilitating applications for NFTs bridging to real world item's + drop shipping.
- A Wordpress for the NFT world.